There will be no Windows mobile for consumer, enterprise only.

According to latest news, Micrsoft won't update its Windows mobile products for consumer any more. But Microsoft will make Windows Mobile Phone for Enterprise.
Many media considered Microsoft gives up its mobile strategy. However, in my mind, Microsoft is going to make a big and wonder update for its Mobile, trying to redefine Windows Mobile.
Windows Mobile for enterprise means better and stronger Windows 10 mobile, comparing with Lumia series. Obviously, if it is for company, it means the new Windows Mobile will increase the productivity. Then, there is a question: How to increase company productivity by a Windows mobile, under the situation that many app vendors give up Windows app development?
So far as we know, Windows owns all kinds of software for enterprise(some of Mac App may better, but those better apps can just handle some parts of the work). We use software for more than 90% of our daily work use on our PC or laptop. That is the mainstream of company productivity. To increase company productivity, by using Windows mobile, the only thing I get is to work without gaps between office and home. 
Still remember the Windows Mobile Docks? It turns Windows mobile to computer console, which means you just need a Windows mobile with Docks and a monitor, you can do anything as PC does.
Make Windows Mobile better and stronger, the company doesn't need to offer computer console for its employees, giving them a mobile. The employees can use it in office and home. Remember one thing, the head of the company always wants to squeenze the time of employees. A portable company console helps company a lot.
Even though there is such a kind Windows mobile on the market, it is still developed for consumers, its hardware is still not strong enough for computer console of work. And that may be the reason why Microsoft wanna give up consumer market temply at this time. 

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